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Swimming Pool Design Ideas| Landscaping Network

Swimming pools provide more than just a large body of water in the backyard for getting wet. Swimming pools and spas provide family memories, years of enjoyment, exercise, and relaxation. When you invest in a swimming pool, not only does it add value to your home, it also adds value to your life experiences.
According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are nearly 5 million in-ground pools in the United States. As you dive in to deciding what kind of swimming pool you want, you'll see that the options are numerous, the shapes and sizes are nearly limitless, and the fun and enjoyment are bottomless.
Swimming pools and spas are a long-term investment, so it's important to become well-informed on everything that goes into their design and construction. The key things to keep in mind when designing your new in-ground pool are placement, size, shape, type of pool, and finishing materials.

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In this section, you'll find tips from pool installation professionals on:

  • Where to place a swimming pool on your property, taking into account the surrounding landscaping, adjoining patios, zoning regulations, slope and drainage elements, and more.
  • How to size a pool to accommodate your recreational needs, such as swimming laps or playing pool sports or games.
  • The best pool depths for ensuring the safety of young children.
  • The various shapes and configurations possible for an in-ground pool, from rectangular to freeform, kidney shaped to figure-8, standard L-shaped to lazy L-shaped, and more.
  • How to do a hose layout to create a realistic visual of the placement of your pool and determine what shapes and designs seem to work best for your space.
  • The three types of in-ground pools to choose from (concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl) and the pros and cons of each.
  • What's involved in the pool construction process, including grading, layout, excavation, plumbing, reinforcement, decking and coping, interior finish application, and inspections.
  • The various types of pool deck materials and how to choose the best surface for your design preferences and budget, considering factors such as space availability, foot traffic, complementing the surrounding landscape, and maintenance requirements.
  • The many options available for upgrading a basic pool, including adding a spa or hot tub, installing a swim-up bar, and incorporating a water feature.
  • How to add drama to a pool by installing a vanishing edge.
  • Choosing among the most popular types of pool interior finishes, including a traditional plaster finish, pebble finish, and quartz.
  • Ideas for safety fences to use around a pool to prevent accidents.
Pool design doesn't stop here. The key to swimming pool construction is making sure you have an experienced design team and contractor working with you to create the pool of your dreams. This team of experts should detail the installation process, set and meet deadlines, review costs and budgets with you, and work to combine their expertise with your needs to create the perfect backyard pool area.
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