Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modern Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Modern Swimming Pool Design Ideas 



 o modernize your swimming pool design, you can refinish the interior of the pool. Make sure your pool designer meets the needs of you and your family with help from a professional landscaper in this free video on landscaping.

Expert: Jason Hatheway
Bio: Jason Hatheway owns Hatheway Designs, a small landscape design firm that provides clients the personal attention and expertise for their residential exterior projects.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swimming Pools Decoration Make Your Design be Wonderful

we like this will make the your pool design be different for in your swimming pool will be decorated with ornaments, statues, so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

Swimming Pool Designs Decoration

swimming pool decorated
Usually, the shape of the pool just long box shaped inside it saves an awful lot of water, at the edge of the swimming pool is only mediocre. But this time, the  try to open your insights to add ornament statue placed on the edge of the pool. In addition, you can also add another pool decorations like Potted flowers, plants, vases, etc. Pools decoration such as very good for being able to pamper your eyes and can change the atmosphere of the pool was not monotonous. You could add a pool fountain in your statue, it would be very nice to garnish the pool. Good luck and I hope this information can be useful ;)
your swimming pool swimming pools swimming pools decoration pools decoration pool decorations
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Amazing Outdoor Pool in Retro Style with High Look Pool

 we will discuss about the amazing outdoor pool with a high look pool concept in retro style uses to create the atmosphere of a different pool.
amazing outdoor pool high look

Outdoor pool designs with high look

This time, the design of the outdoor swimming pool which was built a little different from other designs due to the design of the outdoor swimming pool has a different characteristic that is the position of the pool which is higher from the ground. High walls of this pool is 30 inches from the topsoil with pool area 65 square meters. quite spacious for the size of the pool house. In order to withstand the water wall of water, then the material used is concrete with the thickness of the material is quite strong so it will hold water. The initial concept was actually built to compensate for the home that are not too far away to take the position of the pool. If you find the incident position of home like this, desian concept like this is good enough for you to make a reference. Good luck and I hope this information is helpful :)
retro style with high look pool
high look pool
amazing outdoor swimming pool

High Look Pool in retro Style

amazing outdoor pool
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