Friday, March 30, 2012

Movable Swimming Pool Floors

Imagine. With the touch of a button, an entire swimming pool floor is fully adjusted to any water depth or becomes level to pool surround thus serving as a dry deck or dance floor. It’s no longer an imagination but a reality with the modern moving pool floor system. We can provide movable swimming pool floors that can offer multiple uses of the same space. For example, a typical basement poolroom can double up as party hall.


These movable pool floors can be installed in both indoor and outdoor pools, ideally when the pool is being built from scratch. Although is possible to fit moving pool floors to existing pools, it generally turns out to be expensive and the pool should be a minimum of 4 feet deep at its shallow end.  For multimillion pound homes, where the cost of space to build that pool is humungous, it makes sense to invest in moving pool floors since the pool room is almost always the biggest room in the house, and is the perfect place to serve as a party hall.
Based on your requirements, Technology Pools can engineer a moving pool floor system for a new pool project or retrofit an existing facility. That will give you the ability to turn your indoor pool into a dance floor, a pool hall into an entertainment or reception area, or an outdoor pool into a parking space all at the press of a button.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Backyard Pools

While you decide to build small backyard pools on your home, you need to manage many things like the design, space and maintenance. Read on find some great ideas for an identical mentioned inside the arising article.
Small Backyard Pools
Having a backyard at your residence is extremely beneficial as you are able to have lots of ideas to model it. lots of individuals want to use it to create sitting arrangements or a patio, many use it as a garden and some others desire to have a deck and pool for relaxing. Backyard pools are the most productive arrangements out of these kind of, as you are able to style a patio, a garden and a deck around the swimming pool by means of various attractive ideas. Therefore, even though you’ve got a small backyard, you may definitely use to create the magic of a plush outdoor.
Designing and landscaping your backyard is the way to make it look presentable. While you’re worried concerning the small backyard pool cost, you don’t ought to as you are able to landscape it yourself with minimal expenses too. But for that, you’ll want some great ideas for small backyard pools, that are mentioned below just for you. Take a look!

Small Backyard Pool Designs
There are various ways of establishing small backyard pools and designing them just the best way you will have. Fountains and stone tiles, lights and an open jacuzzi with lush green garden plants surrounding the pool. Doesn’t that provide you with a lovely backyard pool picture? Like these there are a lot more ideas you should use to brighten your small backyard and make it look better than just an open space with a grill sitting inside the center! Although you’ve very less space, using the best and smart small backyard designs would be find out how to remodel your backyard. With the small backyard pool ideas mentioned below, you’ll be able to add for your own designs to adjust them in line with your taste, comfort and expenses.
Inground Pools for Small Backyards
Probably the most perfect look you could give in your backyard is by building an inground pool in it. There isn’t a other transformation of your backyard pool in an effort to make it look more classy and stylish, than an inground pool with a tiny jacuzzi at one end. Inground swimming pools are those that are below the ground level with the water level almost touching the deck of the pool. These pools could be made in various sizes and styles like circular, elliptical, rectangular, etc., to add the thrill element in these luxurious designs. Creating an oasis with minimal landscaping around the inground pool with simple garden plants placed on the white tiled pool deck looks very stylish.
Above Ground Pools for Small Backyards
Another great idea which you could spend money on is the small backyard pools which can be built above the ground level. It is a much cheaper choice than the inground pools as there is some huge cash required for building and landscaping the inground ones. However, in case of the above ground pools, all it’s good to do is build the wall of the pool above the ground like a huge well without doing too much digging. By building the walls in an aesthetic manner, you are able to finish half of your backyard pool designing there itself. So as to use small backyard pool landscaping ideas as a result, you possibly can around the pool walls, as there isn’t any need for a deck for that reason. But you should use some above ground pool deck ideas and plans when you feel the will. To provide it a trendy look, you would build a patio with a hearth pit and furniture to move with it.
With these great ideas for small backyard pools, you’ve a good selection to choose between. Making good use of the gap even on your small backyard can add that extra touch of favor on your home and make it a sexy place to live in.
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Pool Opening is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Summer is fast-approaching and pool owners should get their pool ready for the coming swimming season. I bet your pool is currently on the pool closing state. Winter pool cover still hides the crystal clear water while pool-lovers look forward for the pool opening.

pool opening

Just as laborious as pool closing, pool opening requires a lot of patience and diligence. If you are having a hard time looking for ways on how to open your pool, here are some steps which you can do to make pool opening as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1.Drain the water off the top surface of the winter pool cover. You can use pool cover pump to eliminate the water for easier pool cover removal. Also, remove all the dirt and debris that have accumulate on the pool cover. 

pool cover draining

2.Carefully remove the pool cover avoiding damages on its surface. Clean and dry it up first before you store it to prolong its product life.

3.Reconnect the pool equipment such as pool pump, pool heater and pool filter. Rest the circuit if you turned off the power breaker to the pool pump and heater. Filtration hoses should also be reconnected and all valves should be opened. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in performing this step.

pool equipment

4.Once all the equipment are reconnected, add more water to the pool. Since you lessen the water when you started pool closing, you need to increase the water up to the desired level.

5.Clean the pool and adjust the pH level of the water. Use pool vacuum to eliminate all the dirt and debris that have penetrated the water during the winter season. Brush off dirt from pool walls and bottoms as well as the ladders and decks. Using a pH testing kit, check the pH level of the water and adjust it if needed. Add pool chlorine to kill all the germs and bacteria making the pool safe to use this summer. You can also install new pool liner to enhance the look of your pool for the summer season.

 pool cleaning
the source
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Pool Protection and Elegance with Pool Liners

Isn’t it relaxing and fun when you splash into an attractive and elegant-looking pool? The appearance of the pool adds up to the excitement felt by the swimmers. And pool elegance cab be achieved by installing stylish and elegantly-designed pool liners.

pool liner

But did you know that aside from adding style in your pool, pool liners also protects your pool from damages over the years? Upon the construction of the pool, pool liners are also installed in it to protect the pool bottoms from scratches, breaks and other factors that can ruin its good condition and appearance.

How to install pool liners?

1.    Drain the water and remove the old pool liner

The first step in pool liner installation if the draining of water. Of course it would be very difficult if you install the liner with the water in the pool. So the best thing to do is to drain the water then remove the old pool liner afterwards.

pool liner2

2.    Clean the pool walls and bottoms

Dirt and debris might have accumulated in the pool walls and bottoms and it is necessary to eliminate all of these solid particles. You can brush them off with commercial soap and vacuum them for more effective cleaning.

3.    Put and align the liner in the pool

Secure the gaskets on the pool fittings before placing the liner box at the shallow part of the pool. Pull the liner toward the deep end while aligning the deep end corners. Then align the center portion of the liner.

pool liner3

4.    Fill the pool

The final step is to fill the pool with water carefully without destroying the installation of the pool liner. When the water reached the desired level you can now enjoy pool bathing in your stylish, elegant and well-protected pool.
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Pool Safety Precautions

pool safety

Safety should always be observed in any recreation area especially in the pool. Pool accidents are inevitable however; imposing safety measures in your pool can make pool safety possible.
According to the statistics of Edgar Snyder and Associates, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury-related death among children ages 1 to 14 years old. This is indeed alarming news. However, we can prevent it by installing safety pool equipment in our pool.
1. Pool Fence

pool fence

Edgar Snyder and Associates did a study on different pool supplies that can prevent pool drowning and other related accidents. The result of the study has shown that installing pool fence around the pool area decreases the number of pool drowning injuries and death from 50 to 90 percent. Pool fence prevents kids from getting access in the pool area without adult supervision.

2. Pool Alarm

pool alarm

A pool alarm is also an effective device to prevent pool accidents. This pool device has a censor, which triggers the siren to create an alarming sound once a movement around the pool was detected. Pool alarm is connected to a device inside the house so parents will be informed when a kid is wandering around the pool area thus preventing any untoward incident from happening.

3. Safety Pool Cover

safety pool cover

Keeping your pool covered with safety pool cover will also give children no access to the pool. Safety pool cover is made from high-end polyethylene material making it durable enough to withstand heavy-sized individual or thing.
Enjoying swimming with your family and friends is a privilege that all of us are entitled to. But always remember that our safety should not be sacrificed. Imposing safety precautions in the pool is an important thing to do to make swimming season fun and safe.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Swimming is Good for the Health

Swimming is a good form of exercise. Aside from the fun and enjoyment it brings, it also has a lot of health benefits. Regular swimming can help improve you physically, mentally and emotionally. Moreover, keeping your body healthy and fit is the most important benefits of swimming. 


Just like any other form of exercise, swimming requires time, motivation and determination. It has to be performed accurately to gain the benefits you want to get from it. 

Here are the health benefits of swimming:

1. Heart 

Regular swimming helps maintain blood pressure and cholesterol thus keeping your heart strong and healthy. It reduces the risks of stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases.

2. Lungs

Having healthy and strong lungs is necessary. Aside from avoiding smoking and other vices, having regular exercise is advisable. Swimming is one of the exercises that strengthens the lungs as well as maintaining good breathing for healthier body and cardio-vascular endurance.


3. Joints and Muscles

Swimming enhances joints flexibility and strengthens the muscles for stronger physical health. It helps improve your physical well-being so you can withstand everyday strenuous 

4. Unwanted body fats

Indulging yourself to regular swimming can also remove all the unwanted fats in your body. Swimming burns fats and calories just as effective as aerobics and other workouts. So if you are having a hard time shaping up your body, why won’t you try swimming?

5. Pregnant Women

Swimming is also a good exercise for pregnant women. Since they are not allowed to do strenuous exercises, spending at least an hour of swimming strengthens the abdominal and shoulder muscles. It also relieves joint pains, back pains and other discomfort that pregnant women experience.

6. Stress

Relaxing in a cool pool water also helps reduce stress brought by mind-draining works. This perfectly works at night before you go to sleep or during weekends. 


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Inground Pool vs. Above Ground Pool

Swimming pool is one of the most enjoyable recreation facilities found in clubhouses, resorts, houses and other recreational establishments. We can never deny the fact that swimming is the most-loved activity of both children and adults. Pool-lovers would really find time to enjoy the cool splash of pool water especially during the summer season.

There are two types of swimming pool, first is the inground pool and second is the above ground pool. This is an overview of the specifications of the two different swimming pool types:
  • It is the most common type of swimming pool.
  • It is characterized by its rectangular appearance with its surface built below the ground.
  • It is more expensive than above ground pool.
  • You can install pool slides and diving boards on it unlike in above ground pool.
  • It takes a long time to be completely built.
  • It has deeper end for up to 10 feet that allows you to enjoy pool diving and sliding.

Above Ground Pool

above ground pool
  • It is cheaper than the inground pool.
  • It is very convenient to install which only takes one day.
  • It is easier to maintain, clean and accessorize.
  • It requires smaller space in your backyard unlike the inground pool.
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