Thursday, April 26, 2012

Original Swimming Pool Decorations

 If you have a swimming pool and are looking for something to decorate it and add it unique touch then you might like sKine stickers. They are very similar to usual vinyl stickers but they are made from water and UV resistant materials. Thanks to that these stickers can be sticked on any swimming pool bottom. These creative decoration are very easy to use and you even needn’t to drain the water. Thanks to a lot of design variations you could choose the one that will reflect your mood and fits to your own outdoor design. sKine offers four awesome collections : Les Tendances, Les Classiques, Les Aquatiques and les Florales. You could enrich your swimming pool design by orient or classical refined ornaments or even by amazing flower stickers. In any case sKine will change any swimming pool into stylish and original place. If you visit sKine site, you’ll find more information about this product and its use.
Original Swimming Pool Decorations

Original Swimming Pool Decorations

Original Swimming Pool Decorations

Original Swimming Pool Decorations

Original Swimming Pool Decorations
Original Swimming Pool Decorations

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Swimming Pool Construction in Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

we will give information about the example of the swimming pool construction for those of you who are going to build a amazing swimming pool.
Certainly everyone wants a design, whether it’s a home design, interior home design, architecture home design, house design, kitchen and garden design, whatever that definitely wanted a design that was awesome and comfortable. All the designs you want basically that will make you comfortable. Therefore, when you are going to build will be like what the building would you wake up, then consideration with very mature. Here we give some examples of the swimming pool architecture design that may fit you want. We featured this design from the position of landscape and the construction of the pool itself. You can see in the pool picture, all concepts of a swimming pool overlooking the sea, this has meant that our view area when looking at the sea. In addition, the design of the swimming pool has some character, among other characters, the character is simple and unique character. You can retrieve instances that match what you may think. Good luck with your designs
Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs
 Swimming Pool Construction in Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs
Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

Amazing Outdoor Pool Designs

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Unusual Swimming Pool Paint Color with Beautiful Design Ideas

beautiful pool designs ideas

How to concept pool paint color for your swimming pool design?

Blue is one of the swimming pool paint is the most frequently used each time to build a swimming pool. This is a common color in nature because the water was observed in shades of blue. Blue also has water quality. The blue color gives a sense of peace and coolness. That makes the pool look calm and cool, which made him one of the paint color of the most common swimming pool. There are many shades of blue that you can choose.

Picture of pool paint color category

unusual pool designs ideas
In addition to blue, the other two swimming pools popular colors are white and black. The second color used as white and pure black. Black pool could symbolize elegance, however, can also symbolizes the darkness that can be very attractive to children and people who want to swim to relax.
amazing pool designs ideas
There are many other unique color of the pool that you can use too. There are dark yellow sand like medium beige. There are also shades of green sap, which is between brown and green. In nature, in some places the water appears to be a bright green color.
awesome backyard pool designs ideas
So, if you prefer, you can choose this color for a pool as well. This is the best and safe option following the blue color of the pool. Because, green symbolizes nature, balance, harmony and health.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swimming in Portable Pool Design Ideas

How to choose portable pool for your family?

What could be more refreshing than a swim in the pool of your own in the summer? Or what better way to spend quality time with children, rather than in a portable swimming pool in the backyard?

Picture of portable pool collection

Portable Pool


portable pools design
Portable pool is a good investment and allows you to make the most of the time set aside for family and friends. Flexibility of a portable swimming pool size allows you to choose a suitable pool to the style quotient and overall home decor.

Portable swimming pools are very flexible and change the overall look of the backyard. They come in various shapes such as regular round, octagonal and oval-shaped pool. The resources made available for the portable swimming pools also offer you a colorful umbrella, redefine your idea of a large family room outdoors.
Portable swimming pools come with a choice of accessories such as water slides, water sprays and water games are designed specifically for children based. Bottom of the pool is equipped with plugs that ensure the disposal of a total function and help to turn your portable swimming pool was the center of activity for a little water. Portable pools can be shifted and enable you to give the children a whole new range of outdoor activities to explore
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Modern Outdoor Pool Designs with Wooden Home

hi will give information about modern outdoor pool designs that features  wooden home owned by one of the pavilions with minimalist impression.
modern outdoor pool designs

Outdoor Pool Designs With Home

Will definitely be very pleasant when we have a House with an additional private pool design with additional Japanese home made of special wood used to complement the design of your outdoor pool. Minimalist and simple House was built for use as take a bath or when you want to change clothes after or before swimming. In addition, you can round out the features that exist in these minimalist home with lounge chairs and a place to wash food later on you can use to relax. You’ll get exceptional comfort, we look at the simple homes that have been created that are equipped with lounge chairs that you can use to relax while enjoying the ambiance of the water in the outdoor pool designs. In addition, the modern outdoor pool design as well as comfortable and quiet atmosphere adds to your mind. Good luck and This design hopefully useful
private pool design

modern pool designs
modern outdoor pool
minimalist outdoor pool designs

Japanese Wooden Home and Pool Designs

minimalist japanese wooden home
lounge chair outdoor pool design
lounge place outdoor pool
japanese wooden home
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Modern Swimming Pool Design

Modern Swimming Pool Design Modern Swimming Pool Design
In this modern life growing pools can be designed and constructed in many ways, meeting personal preferences and styles. You can choose what suits your personality the most and helps you get the best benefits.
modern swimming pool design pictures Modern Swimming Pool Design
With changing times, the pool design preferences are changing, as nothing. You can choose anything that matches the size of your pocket and style statement. These days, the outdoor life is to engage and take the stage, offering many options for swimming monster.
Modern Swimming Pools Modern Swimming Pool Design
The modern designs include swimming intelligent mixture of exotic beauty inside and outside the attraction. You can set up a plan of cold water in the privacy of your own garden and enjoy a dip in the water. Think carefully before putting a cold pool meant for the whole family and close friends. With a beautiful pool, you can arrange a pleasant evening by the pool and the best setting perfect atmosphere to add spice to your life.
ultra modern swimming pools design Modern Swimming Pool Design
Declaration popular style pools
Today people mix their ideas and opinions with the ease of use of swimming pools in their homes. It is the exercise of a pool or a good health, but has become a fashion in decoration and style. It gives a luxurious look to your house and makes it very convenient. Internet is the best way to find a group with different characteristics really useful to help you get real value for money
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Indoor Pool Designs Idea 2012

Indoor Swimmimg Pool Designs Ideas Indoor Pool Designs Idea
The pools have become common quality of most big houses. Design of indoor and outdoor pools are ideal for exercise, recreation and therapy. If you own self-importance of a rooftop pool or yard, then you should pay attention to their proper maintenance.

Indoor Swimmimg Pool Designs Indoor Pool Designs Idea
Indoor Swimmimg Pool Design Indoor Pool Designs Idea
Pool safety and maintenance go hand in hand. And install a high fence around the design of your pool to prevent children from entering the pool area able to verify that it is important to ensure that the pool water is hygienic and safe use.
alot of 

Indoor Pool Designs Idea 2012

Indoor Pool Designs Ideas Indoor Pool Designs Idea
Indoor Pool Designs Indoor Pool Designs Idea

A combination of behavioral and chemical filtration programs will do. Here are some tips on maintaining a good pool.

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installation an Above Ground Swimming Pool

The addition of an above ground swimming pool means making a decision to install it yourself or bring in the pros to do the job. While hiring a contractor for installation is a tempting proposition, it can also be a pricey one. In fact, you can spend almost as much as the pool itself to hire someone to do the labor. That's why many homeowners turn the above ground pool kit into a DIY project. This article will provide the basic steps of above ground pool installation to help you determine whether you are up to the task.
Obtain Proper Permits
Some areas require special building permits before you can install an above ground pool. Make sure you know all the regulations of your area, in terms of how much area should be cleared for the pool and what the easements need to be. Follow regulations to the letter, so you don't run into trouble with your swimming pool during or after the installation process.
Choosing a Location
This may be the most important step in the entire installation process. Choose a level area to save yourself serious excavation efforts. Make sure the spot is not above any buried power lines that could become damaged as you dig. You also want to ensure proper drainage, particularly if your new pool will interfere with the natural drainage system in your yard. It is important to choose a spot safely away from power lines and trees if you want to maintain a warmer water temperature and keep debris out of your pool.
Preparing the Ground
Once you have chosen the precise location for your pool, remove all vegetation from the area. Then you will need to consult with your specific manufacturer's instructions in terms of the hole that needs to be dug and the patio stones that must be used to level the pool's frame posts. Take your time to do this part of the installation precisely to the instructions given. Those many tons of water can create serious problems for your property and damage to your pool if the ground below is not properly prepared first. Once the ground is ready, add a liner material such as masonry sand to hold the base of the pool in place and compact it using a drumroller.

Now you can begin assembling your pool walls according to manufacturer's instructions. Keep in mind that these panels are fairly large and heavy, so it helps to have a buddy or two assist you with this process. After the walls are fully assembled, you can add the liner, uprights and top rail according to the directions given with your pool kit. Finally, you will add the equipment like the pump and filter, which will probably involve drilling holes in the pool lining to accommodate these devices. When the pool is fully constructed, you can hook up your electrical and plumbing and the pool is ready for water. Make sure to balance your water with the proper chemicals before allowing any swimmer into your brand new pool.
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5 Ways to Protect your Pool Liner from Damage

Take a few measures to protect your vinyl swimming pool liner.
Swimming pools with a vinyl liner are one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy your very own in-ground pool. Vinyl pools have gotten a bit of a bad rap because they do not tend to be as durable as their fiberglass and concrete counterparts. However, the key to a longer lasting vinyl pool lies in the care you give it. We have five ways to protect your pool liner from damage so you can enjoy your vinyl pool for as long as possible.

Water Balancing

Maintaining a good water balance is the first step in caring for your vinyl pool. When chemicals get out of whack in your pool water, bacteria and other harmful elements can settle in for a nice long visit. In addition to making your pool water less safe for swimming, these pesky critters can result in damage to your pool's interior. Test your water regularly and make necessary adjustments as needed to keep your vinyl pool in top condition.

Keep pool Covered

An uncovered pool invites in a host of unwanted debris and even guests of the four-legged kind. To ensure your vinyl liner remains unscathed when your pool is not in use, keep a cover on it. There are many types of pool covers to choose from, from nets that catch larger debris to solar covers that protect the water and warm it up for swimming. During the off-season, a winter cover will keep your pool safe and sound no matter what Mother Nature might blow your way.
Use the Right Stuff
Some pool cleaners and chemicals may prove too harsh for the vinyl lining of your pool. No matter what you put in the water, make sure it is specifically designed for the type of pool you have. This rules out most abrasive cleaning agents. While they might be perfect for a serious cleaning on a concrete pool, they can cause damage to a more fragile vinyl lining. Choose products with care so you don't harm your pool in the spirit of cleaning it.
Don't Drain
It is not a good idea to drain a vinyl pool on your own. If you must get the water out, due to a suspected leak or another problem, call a professional in. this will ensure your pool gets drained and refilled without unnecessary damage occurring.
Avoid Sharp Objects
The rule worked in kindergarten, and it also works for your vinyl pool. This includes accessories like ladders that can cause damage to your pool wall. Look for equipment that won't poke, scratch or tear your pool interior. When in doubt, ask the pool retailer if the equipment was specially designed for use in a vinyl pool. This ensures you can use the equipment with confidence that it won't cause damage to your pool's interior.
A vinyl pool probably won't last as long as a fiberglass or concrete pool might. However, proper care and maintenance will go a long way in allowing you to enjoy your vinyl pool for as long as possible without need for repair or replacement.
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5 Ways to Bring Color to Your Pool

Who says a pool can only be blue? Consider these 5 ways you can infuse color into your stylish pool.
A swimming pool is a fun addition to the backyard. Today's pools offer a plethora of design options that allow you to bring color and style to your outdoor living space. You don't have to settle for a basic grey pool and matching grey concrete decking. Modern designs offer a rainbow of colors both inside the pool and around the pool deck. Check out these five ideas for bringing color and charm to your pool area.

Colored Tile
Glass tile inside and outside the pool is a great way to bring not only color, but pattern to your swimming pool as well. Mosaic patterns can provide a rainbow of color or paint a picture on the walls and floor of your pool. Choose just a few colored tiles to pop out of a solid hue. Or create an entire patchwork design using three, four or five different colors throughout. A tile pool interior will stand up well to the test of time, although the grout may need to be professionally cleaned every few years.
Colored Fiberglass
The varieties of blue and green shades in fiberglass pools can offer a whole new look, depending on how you combine the color and the design of your overall swimming pool. Deep blue pools look exceedingly inviting, while a pale aqua tint to the water guarantees refreshment on a hot summer day. You can also find fiberglass pools in sandy shades that blend well with many outdoor landscapes.
Colored Gunite
A gunite pool is considered the very finest in terms of durability and design options. One of the choices that homeowners have with gunite is a color for the pool's interior. Gunite is a highly versatile material that comes in just about any hue and can be molded to nay shape. Choose a soft grey for a tranquil swimming spot, or a green shade for a pool that looks pond-like. A black interior reflects the sunlight like a mirror and looks particularly good with a light colored decking and bright pool furnishings.

Colored Lights
No matter what type of pool you choose, add even more color with lighting options. Underwater lights reflect a broad range of hues, from electrifying fuchsia to calming blue. You can also add floating colored lights for outdoor parties. Change out the color of the lights based on the time of year or the party theme. Fiber optic lighting provides a constant color changing experience, which adds a festive touch to outdoor activities.

Finally, add color around your pool with a selection of flowering plants. Coordinate potted plants or flower beds to tie in with the rest of your outdoor space. Make sure plants are not too close to the pool's edge, or you will spend an exorbitant amount of time skimming the water's surface for leaves and dropped petals.
Adding color to your pool is easy with these bright ideas. Whether you simply float a few fiber optic lights on the surface or install a whole new pool with a customized interior, you can make your outdoor living space more colorful and fun.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Automatic Pool Covers 2012

Imagine the convenience of an automatic pool cover for your swimming pleasure.
Picture this: It is the first warm, sunny day of the summer season and you decide to take a dip in your backyard pool. You don your favorite bathing suit (a little snugger than last year!) and grab a towel. As you open the gate to your swimming pool, you stop dead in your tracks. The pool is littered with leaves, debris and what is that green stuff floating in the corner? You toss down your towel and grab your skimmer. So much for swimming!
Now try this: It is the first sunny day of the summer and you get a hankering for a dip in your backyard pool. You grab last year's bathing suit (was it this tight last year?) and your favorite beach towel. As you through the gate of your pool enclosure, you stop dead in your tracks. Your beautiful automatic pool cover is just as you left it. You use the key switch and in less than a minute, your crystal blue water is inviting you in.

Enjoying Life with a Pool Cover
Ah, the convenience of an automatic pool cover! These structures can be customized to fit any size pool and come in a variety of styles and colors. Your pool is revealed in a matter of seconds, and opening and closing the cover is as easy as flipping a switch or operating a touch pad. These covers are the ultimate in style, safety and convenience for the discriminating pool owner. We've got a few of the features to look for when shopping for your automatic pool cover to ensure you get the best model for your needs
Automatic pool covers do much more than keep debris out of your pool when not in use. These covers are sturdy enough to be used all winter, eliminating the need for a special winter cover. They are also strong enough to stand in as safety covers. If you don't believe us, check out websites that sell these structures. You will see a whole crowd of happy, waving folk in the center, demonstrating just how tough and durable these covers can be. If an entire staff can stand on the cover without sinking, you can feel pretty sure that your two-year-old or beagle can skip across the surface unscathed, right? You can also rest assured that intruders will not be able to get into your pool, unless they have the key or code to open it.
They may also serve as a solar cover, trapping the sun's energy to warm the water underneath. This can save plenty on heating costs and help keep your pool at a comfortable temperature for longer use time during the season. For the price of a single, customized cover, you can enjoy all the features these different covers usually offer. The value of a three-in-one automatic cover is indisputable, especially when you factor in the convenience of opening and closing your pool.
Automatic pool covers are not cheap, but they earn their keep in their multi-functional design and convenience factor. If you are tired of opening and closing your pool, consider installing an automatic pool cover for safety, convenience and style.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outdoor Swimming Pools in Hotels

we will provide information to you about the hotel with outdoor swimming pools that use the natural landscape with an unlimited and wide.
hotels with outdoor swimming pools

Hotels With Outdoor Swimming Pools and Infinity Scenery

You will surely be very comfortable when your eye sight is infinity and it looks very freely. Moments like that you can feel when you’re on top of a mountain or teetering on the edge of the sea. Here, you can enjoy the landscape while swimming in a pool provided by the few hotels in the world. Outdoor pool design concept hotel is indeed a concept indeed and is usually very rare, because the location is a bit more difficult. Need a calculation when mature will build hotels with the condition of this remarkable landscape. However you will get a feel of what you already undertake. Luxurious outdoor pool design is usually very much favored by many, especially by people who are too busy working and want a different atmosphere when want to refresh the mind. Good luck :)
swimming pools and infinity scenery
outdoor pool design concept
natural landscape swimming pool

Outdoor Swimming Pools and Infinity Scenery

natural landscape pool
luxurious private pool design
luxurious outdoor pool design
infinity pool designs
infinity scenery
hotels vdesign with outdoor swimming pools
hotel with outdoor pools

elegant outdoor pool designs
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