Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 Ways to Bring Color to Your Pool

Who says a pool can only be blue? Consider these 5 ways you can infuse color into your stylish pool.
A swimming pool is a fun addition to the backyard. Today's pools offer a plethora of design options that allow you to bring color and style to your outdoor living space. You don't have to settle for a basic grey pool and matching grey concrete decking. Modern designs offer a rainbow of colors both inside the pool and around the pool deck. Check out these five ideas for bringing color and charm to your pool area.

Colored Tile
Glass tile inside and outside the pool is a great way to bring not only color, but pattern to your swimming pool as well. Mosaic patterns can provide a rainbow of color or paint a picture on the walls and floor of your pool. Choose just a few colored tiles to pop out of a solid hue. Or create an entire patchwork design using three, four or five different colors throughout. A tile pool interior will stand up well to the test of time, although the grout may need to be professionally cleaned every few years.
Colored Fiberglass
The varieties of blue and green shades in fiberglass pools can offer a whole new look, depending on how you combine the color and the design of your overall swimming pool. Deep blue pools look exceedingly inviting, while a pale aqua tint to the water guarantees refreshment on a hot summer day. You can also find fiberglass pools in sandy shades that blend well with many outdoor landscapes.
Colored Gunite
A gunite pool is considered the very finest in terms of durability and design options. One of the choices that homeowners have with gunite is a color for the pool's interior. Gunite is a highly versatile material that comes in just about any hue and can be molded to nay shape. Choose a soft grey for a tranquil swimming spot, or a green shade for a pool that looks pond-like. A black interior reflects the sunlight like a mirror and looks particularly good with a light colored decking and bright pool furnishings.

Colored Lights
No matter what type of pool you choose, add even more color with lighting options. Underwater lights reflect a broad range of hues, from electrifying fuchsia to calming blue. You can also add floating colored lights for outdoor parties. Change out the color of the lights based on the time of year or the party theme. Fiber optic lighting provides a constant color changing experience, which adds a festive touch to outdoor activities.

Finally, add color around your pool with a selection of flowering plants. Coordinate potted plants or flower beds to tie in with the rest of your outdoor space. Make sure plants are not too close to the pool's edge, or you will spend an exorbitant amount of time skimming the water's surface for leaves and dropped petals.
Adding color to your pool is easy with these bright ideas. Whether you simply float a few fiber optic lights on the surface or install a whole new pool with a customized interior, you can make your outdoor living space more colorful and fun.
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