Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Automatic Pool Covers 2012

Imagine the convenience of an automatic pool cover for your swimming pleasure.
Picture this: It is the first warm, sunny day of the summer season and you decide to take a dip in your backyard pool. You don your favorite bathing suit (a little snugger than last year!) and grab a towel. As you open the gate to your swimming pool, you stop dead in your tracks. The pool is littered with leaves, debris and what is that green stuff floating in the corner? You toss down your towel and grab your skimmer. So much for swimming!
Now try this: It is the first sunny day of the summer and you get a hankering for a dip in your backyard pool. You grab last year's bathing suit (was it this tight last year?) and your favorite beach towel. As you through the gate of your pool enclosure, you stop dead in your tracks. Your beautiful automatic pool cover is just as you left it. You use the key switch and in less than a minute, your crystal blue water is inviting you in.

Enjoying Life with a Pool Cover
Ah, the convenience of an automatic pool cover! These structures can be customized to fit any size pool and come in a variety of styles and colors. Your pool is revealed in a matter of seconds, and opening and closing the cover is as easy as flipping a switch or operating a touch pad. These covers are the ultimate in style, safety and convenience for the discriminating pool owner. We've got a few of the features to look for when shopping for your automatic pool cover to ensure you get the best model for your needs
Automatic pool covers do much more than keep debris out of your pool when not in use. These covers are sturdy enough to be used all winter, eliminating the need for a special winter cover. They are also strong enough to stand in as safety covers. If you don't believe us, check out websites that sell these structures. You will see a whole crowd of happy, waving folk in the center, demonstrating just how tough and durable these covers can be. If an entire staff can stand on the cover without sinking, you can feel pretty sure that your two-year-old or beagle can skip across the surface unscathed, right? You can also rest assured that intruders will not be able to get into your pool, unless they have the key or code to open it.
They may also serve as a solar cover, trapping the sun's energy to warm the water underneath. This can save plenty on heating costs and help keep your pool at a comfortable temperature for longer use time during the season. For the price of a single, customized cover, you can enjoy all the features these different covers usually offer. The value of a three-in-one automatic cover is indisputable, especially when you factor in the convenience of opening and closing your pool.
Automatic pool covers are not cheap, but they earn their keep in their multi-functional design and convenience factor. If you are tired of opening and closing your pool, consider installing an automatic pool cover for safety, convenience and style.
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