Thursday, March 22, 2012

My indoor swimming pool smells of drains

We have received an interesting question from a swimming pool owner who lives in Surrey, who says that their “My Indoor swimming pool smells of drains”.
Indoor swimming pool at Junita in Kingswood Surrey
Some of you may be thinking that this is a serious problem, but normally the reason most pool complexes have a bad smell is due to lack of use. With an indoor swimming pool you are controlling the amount of moisture in the air, which causes the traps in the drains and shower wastes to dry out and allow the smells from the drains to enter the pool hall. So you need to use your pool more often and have a shower before and after swimming to ensure the traps are topped up.
Most swimming pool companies when they maintain the swimming pool will pour pool water down the wastes to keep them full and the chlorine helps to clean out and disinfect the drains. If you do not have the swimming pool maintained, then on a regular basis, take a bucket of swimming pool water and pour it down all the waste traps in the pool hall and plant room to keep them topped up.
If the smell continues, then we would recommend that the installation is checked by a pool engineer or pool consultant to ensure the problem is not due to a broken drain or poor pool design.
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