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Definition swimming pool

Definition and special pool fea


Definition and special pool feature or uses

Definition :

term public swimming pool as used in these standards shall mean any artificial
basin of water constructed

modified or improved for the purpose of swimming wading , diving , recreation or
instruction , and includes

but is not limited to pools serving communities ,subdivisions, apartment ,
complexes condominiums , clubs ,

,hotels , motels, recreational areas and water parks

swimming pool
features or uses :

standards for unique features of spas , wave pools , zero – depth pools

and water slides are provided in separate section .

any pools used for other special purpose , such as therapy or competition or
those used by physically or mentally

handicapped persons ,require additional design consideration and should be
handled on an individual basis.

swimming pool
design features that are
not specifically covered by these standards shall be permitted only

it is demonstrated that adequate safety and water quality can be maintained ,
based on current technology

and the best information available at the time

where such design features may affect safety of users they should be allowed
only where continuous direct

supervision is provided .fountains sprays or similar features shall be permitted
only in water depths not exceeding 2 feet

features shall be of a no climbable design unless specifically manufactured and
marketed as a climbing structure

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