Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swimming pool installation

Swimming pool installation

Swimming pool simple vision installation procedure. Below are pictures the main steps of structure a Cornerstone inground swimming pool.

After the swimming pool dig is done, the pool components are deliver to the place.

 The building sets and verify the counter mark (ended altitude) before begin to place the panel
 one time the altitude is confirmed, the pool walls  are put in the configuration
 The K-Braces are fond of to the pool walls and stake in situate
 The pool stepladder and step brace system are close
Swimming pool installation
The plumb is close to the pool configuration, which includes skimmer, lake returns
 The pour concrete pool bottom is hand trowel led to a reflect finish
 pour concrete is located along the entire boundary of the pool walls and step area. This totally encapsulates the wall base, K-Brace, plumb and step hold up system for correct wall
Swimming pool installation 
The disc member (liner) is located in the shallow end for check. Once verified, the liner is pull in situate.
After the lining is put in rest, the space (air suction device) vacates any air which exist between the liner and the pool structure, thus given that a perfect, wrinkle-free request.

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