Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Manual Cleaning for swimming pool

Use a brush to clean your swimming pool.

Use a manual brush to clean the walls of any gunk that has adhere to the swimming pool walls

take away remains from the skimmer.

 Keeping the skimmer box clean will improve its efficiency in keeping your swimming pool free of unwanted debris

stay your pool maintained. A clean pool is function of a working filtration system and proper pH levels.

swimming pool design

clean the sides and bottom of the pool with the brush

There are some great cleaners for these filters out there and you should invest in one of them. Generally they need to be diluted with water so make sure you read the instructions.

swimming pool design

Manual Cleaning

    use of chemicals and filtration systems, manual cleaning is essential. big remains such as leaves that drift on top of the swimming pool need to be manually removed with a pool net
    A pool void is connected to the pool filter. Algae and debris that are sucked into the void is sent to the swimming pool filter. Algae that is loosen from the walls of the pool with a brush is released into the water, allowing the algae particle to be sweep into the filter by the pool pump.

swimming pool design
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