Saturday, February 18, 2012

Basic requirements for swimming pools

Basic requirements for swimming pools

The recommendations given below are intended to smear to all swimming pools

built of what may be termed ‘long-life’ materials such as concrete.

1. The shell must be watertight against loss of water when the pool is full or

partially full, and if constructed below ground level, against infiltration of

ground water when the pool is empty or partly empty.

2. The pool covering (floor and walls) must be physically complete.

3. The internal surface of the floor and walls must be ended with a smooth,

reasonably impervious, easily cleaned, attractive material. The water must be

preserved at a proper standard of purity and clarity.

4. A walkway of adequate width (minimum about 1.5 m), with a non-slip, easily

cleaned and durable surface should be provided around the pool.

5. A care step (or ledge) should be providing on all the ramparts of pools used by

young families and non-swimmers.
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