Friday, February 24, 2012

Teaching learner pools

Teaching learner pools
This section deals with general principles relating to layout and dimensions of
teaching pools irrespective of whether they belong to a school or form part of a
large swimming pool complex (leisure centre) run by a local authority.
The first principle is that the pool must be absolutely safe for nonswimmers.
The pools are usually rectangular on plan with an almost level
bottom. The water depth generally varies from 0.80 m to 1.00 m. A useful size
is 12.00 m by about 7.0 m.
There are often shallow steps into the pool extending the full length of the
short side.

There are different opinions as to whether the walkway around the pool should
be lower than the deck to enable the teacher to carry out his duties without having
to bend down, or whether the pool shell should be elevated similar to the
hydrotherapy pool shown in Figure 1.15 and briefly described in Section 1.9.
In the UK, it is customary for the teaching pool to be quite separate from the
main swimming pool so that the two different types of use do not interfere with
each other. If the teaching pool is in a separate enclosed part of the main building,
it is usual for the temperature of the water and the air in the pool hall to be a few
degrees above that in the main part of the building.
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