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Tips to maintain swimming pool

Tips to maintain swimming pool

Keeping your pool well maintained will not only prolong its life but

will also make it an ideal place to spend time outdoors

If you own a swimming pool then balances are you know all the basics about

how to maintain it. After all this is an investment you are dedicated to protecting.

You also want to be able to devote plenty of time in the water and that can’t be done if there

are problems with it. Here are some helpful tips that you may not be attentive of though. They can 
help you achieve more in fewer time.!image/1879236025.gif_gen/derivatives/box_475/1879236025.gif

Tips to maintain swimming pool
1.    Choose the right filter
2.    Watch chlorine levels
3.    Think safety
4.    Monitor water levels
5.    Cover it up
6.    Suck up the dirt
7.    Play with tiles and lights
8.    Ask an expert
9.    Test the water
10.    Pick your tools

Remember to save an eye on metals either. Copper is a very common one you will

find as it is used in the tackle for the pool and in some of the chemicals you
will access.

If you have too much iron in the water it result in a greenish tint developing.

Sometimes even the water you use to fill up the swimming pool will cover big quantities of copper and strong
Tips to maintain swimming pool
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