Sunday, June 3, 2012

palns and specifications of swimming pool

palns and specifications of swimming pool

 general layout plane

1- location and owner : name and address of the proposed or modified public swimming pool facility and the name, address and phone number of owner
2- scale and wind direction : scale north point and direction of prevailing wind
3- designer certification : name, date, address, phone number, professional seal and signature of the designing engineer or architect
4- plot plan : A plot plan of the property to be used indicting the topography, grade elevations, arrangement and location of present and proposed structures, location of site utilities and location of the proposed of swimming pool, pool enclosure and deck

 detailed plans : all detailed plans for public swimming pool shall be submitted on blue line or white line prints and shall be drawn to
a suitable scale , the detailed palns for facilities shall show :
1- construction details : complete construction details, including dimensions, elevations and appropriate cross section
for the swimming pool, pool deck and pool enclosure
2-recirculation system : schematic diagrams and plan and elevation views of the pool water treatment and recirculation systems, pool equipment room , and pool equipment room ventilation
3- piping : size and location of all piping, including elevation

specifications : complete, detailed specification for the construction of the swimming pool, bathhouse. recirculation system
filtration system, disinfection equipment and all other appurtenances shall accompany the plans
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