Saturday, June 9, 2012

swimming pool design, detail and structural stability

 design, detail and structural stability:
all swimming pools shall be designed and constructed to withstand all anticipated loading for both full and empty conditions.
a hydrostatic relief valve or a suitable under drain system shall be provide  for in ground pools.
the designing architect or engineer be responsible for ensuring the stability of the pool design for both full and empty conditions.

1- shape : the shape of any swimming pool shall be such that the circulation of pool water and control of swimmers safety are
not impaired. there shall be no underwater or overhead projections or obstructions which would endanger patron safety or interfere
with proper pool operation.

2- shallow end : the depth of water at shallow end shall be at least 3 feet , but not more than 3 feet 6 inches except for special purpose pools.

3- bottom slope : the bottom of the pool shall slope toward the main drain. where the water depth is less thane 5 feet , the bottom slope shall not exceed
1 foot vertical in 12 feet horizontal 1:12 . where the water depth exceeds 5 feet, the bottom slope shall not exceed 1 foot vertical in 3 feet horezontal1:3

4- area marked : the boundary line between the shallow and deep areas shall be marked by a line of contrasting color at least 4 inches wide on the floor and walls
of the pool and by a safety rope and floats equipped with float keepers. safety rope anchors should be recessed
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