Sunday, March 11, 2012

Automatic Safety Covers

“Safety First!” – This is the motto of Automatic Pool Covers, Inc.
Safety and peace of mind for family and pets are afforded with a pool safety cover. They can withstand thousands of pounds of surface weight.
The fabric is commercial grade coated vinyl fabric supported by cables in side mounted tracks.
Automatic pool covers offer the following  additional advantages:
Advanced Pool Covers Deckmount at Anchor Pool
  • Act as a solar cover to retain heat and block ultra violet rays.
  • Pool chemicals last twice as long.
  • Reduce pool heating costs by 70%.
  • Reduce pool cleaning time.
  • Reduce pool water evaporation.
  • Extend swimming pool season.

    Several installation methods are available, ranging from manual to automatic systems.
    The submersible motor is installed in a vault that is typically flush with the pool deck.  Standard installation employs using an aluminum cover lid, however heavy duty lid brackets may be incorporated to support the same decking material as your pool deck.
    Advanced Pool Covers Half Open 
    siege auto
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