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Swimming Pools

James-White have been installing swimming pools in the Thames Valley since 1970 and can offer either concrete/mosaic or vinyl lined pools, both indoor and outdoor.
Swimming Pool Construction by James White Ltd
We design and build pools of an exceptional quality and they are always thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our unrivalled high standards before handing over to you for years of pleasure.

Our team consists of designers, draughts men & engineers and we pride ourselves in offering a personal service with practical support & expert advice on both pool installation and maintenance.
We can design and build concrete, tiled & mosaic swimming pools, heat retaining liner pools, indoor & outdoor, for commercial or residential use.

Not that long ago, the idea of having your own swimming pool in your garden or home was just a dream, a luxury only had by the rich and famous. Let James White turn this dream into a reality!

Swimming Pools

Invest in a swimming pool and you have a constant source of leisure and pleasure right on your doorstep. A pool is an investment, not only will it increase the value of your home considerably, it will save you money as there is no more cost of travel to beaches, over crowded public swimming pools and leisure centres, plus you don't have to pay parking and entrance fees. Indoor Pool Construction Photo

Swimming is one of the most popular sports and one of the healthiest forms of exercise. So your investment will help you grow healthy. Selecting a pool to suit your needs can be a difficult and daunting process. We can give you expert advice on planning and we will design the perfect solution to suit your needs and budget. Which ever type of swimming pool you decide on, indoor or out, we will ensure that you have many happy years of swimming in your James White designer pool!

Concrete Pools

We offer a first class design & construction service for both reinforced concrete, with a tiled finish or vinyl-lined swimming pools. A high tensile steel reinforcing framework is fixed throughout the pool and high quality concrete is pneumatically sprayed in place and with the floor & walls being a monolithic construction they are normally sprayed in one day

The concrete has a tensile strength of almost double that of normal concrete and is free from construction and work joints as it is absolutely essential that there is no movement or cracking within the pool shell or water loss and subsequent damage can result.
In a Concrete swimming pool the finish is applied directly to the walls and floor of the pool. The shell of the pool is therefore the water retaining unit and for this reason the construction has to be very strong, to be able to withstand the pressure exerted by the water.

Coping stones are then placed around the pool to finish the edge. This type of pool offers greater flexibility as it can be formed into different shapes and the internal finishes can be created to your specific taste, whether plain tiles or perhaps a brightly coloured mosaic.

Liner Pools

The construction of a liner swimming pool, a cheaper alternative to a tiled concrete pool, consists of a thermal panel wall, which provides the finished shape and the liner is then placed into the shell and fixed in position. Coping stones are then placed around the pool to finish the edge.Liner Swimming Pools by James White

One piece PVC liners provide the necessary waterproofing & decorative lining, by creating a 'bag' effect holding the weight and pressure of the water, i.e. the liner is the water retaining unit. In the unlikely event of a liner being damaged repairs can even be performed underwater.

The heart and lungs of every swimming pool is the filtration system and the flow control. The standard turnaround for the water contained in a domestic swimming pool is 4 hours and the pumps, filters and filtration lines must cope with this requirement. Each pool size is fitted out with the correct plant equipment to guarantee perfect water clarity and sanitisation.

Indoor Pools

James White have been designing and constructing indoor pools both domestic and commercial for over 30 years.
We offer the complete 'turnkey solution', through various stages: Initial site survey • Full 'in house' drawing/plans service • Full design service • Full planning application service • Complete construction program service • Full after sales program
During these stages, there are many design considerations and James White draw on their 30 years of experience to help bring you to the finished product.

When designing and constructing an indoor pool the most important factor of the pool is the Environmental Control System, James White consider this the 'heart & lungs' of the pool. This combined with the correct filtration system can give you the perfect environment to swim in. James White are Heatstar main dealers and suppliers and we can provide efficient humidity control, active heat recovery and both AIR & POOL heating all from a single, easily installed unit. Planning & Design We have over 30 years experience in swimming pool construction in the domestic and commercial sectors.

Our construction teams are all employed by the company and have many years experience in producing luxury pools for discerning clients.
We undertake swimming pool construction, maintenance and refurbishment in the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. If you are just outside of these areas (London for example) then please call us to check if we can help you.

We are members of the Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association (S.P.A.T.A.) meaning all works carried out are to strict industry standards. Our customers benefit from all the safeguards that employing a SPATA contractor provides.
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