Friday, March 30, 2012

Movable Swimming Pool Floors

Imagine. With the touch of a button, an entire swimming pool floor is fully adjusted to any water depth or becomes level to pool surround thus serving as a dry deck or dance floor. It’s no longer an imagination but a reality with the modern moving pool floor system. We can provide movable swimming pool floors that can offer multiple uses of the same space. For example, a typical basement poolroom can double up as party hall.


These movable pool floors can be installed in both indoor and outdoor pools, ideally when the pool is being built from scratch. Although is possible to fit moving pool floors to existing pools, it generally turns out to be expensive and the pool should be a minimum of 4 feet deep at its shallow end.  For multimillion pound homes, where the cost of space to build that pool is humungous, it makes sense to invest in moving pool floors since the pool room is almost always the biggest room in the house, and is the perfect place to serve as a party hall.
Based on your requirements, Technology Pools can engineer a moving pool floor system for a new pool project or retrofit an existing facility. That will give you the ability to turn your indoor pool into a dance floor, a pool hall into an entertainment or reception area, or an outdoor pool into a parking space all at the press of a button.
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