Thursday, March 8, 2012

Covers for Swimming Pools

Automatic Slated and Material Safety Covers

Venetian Shutter Slated Covers

Our Automatic Venetian shutter slated covers (sometimes known as Rolldeck) are made of PVC profiles with closed chambers. Available in white, gray, blue, beige, translucent and solar there is a colour to suit every type and size of pool. The cover is suitable for new or existing pools with different installation options depending if the cover is being used for safety as well as to keep the pool warm and clean. The cover is operated via a control box and key and is silent in operation. Safety features include low voltage operation and safety stoppage of cover on closing.

The benefits of this cover include:

Heating-cost : less - 80% Next
Less evaporation
Reduced water consumption (-60%)
Less chemical products (-60%)
Less cost of air-conditioning
Less maintenance and cleaning costs
Fewer leaves, branches, pollution
Less filtrations costs
Reduced amount of algae in the water

Remote control
Self cleaning of the cover
No odour of chemical products
Automatic stop of the cover
Better hibernationNext
No dirt by stormy weather
Maintains water temperature especially
  at night
Works soundless
Prolongs the use of the swimming-pool

In combination with SS handrails or a 
   specially  constructed shelf below the
   cover there is safety against drowning.
Electrocution is impossible : low voltage
The opening and the closing mechanism
  is quiet and efficient and can only be
  worked when the special key is in the
  correct position.

Pool Lock Covers


You have designed and built the pool of your dreams to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. Your pool is a source of pleasure and fun for you, your family and friends. So don't waste time cleaning it. Enjoy your pool without worries.

The Pool Lock safety cover (sometimes known as Dripool, Coverstar, Aquamatic or Rolldeck) is installed using high quality materials of aluminum and stainless steel.

The canvas is 650gr/m² instead of the usual 450gr/m² that is used on similar products. High frequency welding with reinforcing band are used, giving the cover 10-20 times more endurance and weight resistance.

The use of sliders instead of rollers enables the cover to open and close easily and quickly.

The new safety covers keep dirt, leaves and debris away from your pool. Simply close the cover whenever you don't use the pool, to keep it crystal clear. The pool remains ready to swim in at any time and you save money on chemicals. It also prevents the evaporation of water when the cover is on.

The covers offer safety for your family and friends and help prevent pool related accidents. The automatic Pool cover is recommended by numerous pool builders for it's versatility and adaptability.

The benefits of this cover includes:
»     Enjoy ultimate ease and convenience with the turn of a key
»     The automatic pool cover closes easily in than a minute, depending on the size of the pool
»     It fits perfectly to most pools sizes and shapes and can be installed above or below ground
»     The semi-automatic pool cover resembles the automatic system
»     It slides with the same ease and it's simple design ensures long term use without maintenance
»     Due to it's unique specifications, it is practical for everyday use. It can be transformed easily into an automatic system whenever you please
»     Closes easily in 1.5-2.5 minutes depending on pool size



    Keeps pools SAFE, CLEAN, and WARM.
    FULLY AUTOMATIC key switch security.
    One cover for ALL SEASONS..... Winter and Summer.
    Covers INDOOR and OUTDOOR pools.
    Cover ANY SHAPE Rectangular, Kidney, Freeform.
    Covers ANY TYPE of pool.... Freeboard, Deck level, Concrete, Liner.
    CONTROLS HUMIDITY in indoor pools by totally sealing the pool.
    TAILOR MADE TO suit your pool.
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