Sunday, March 11, 2012

photo images Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Why have an Swimming Pool Safety Cover?

Sole UK distributor For Aquamatic Swimming Pool safety covers.

All pools in this country need to have some form of a cover, mainly for heat retention purposes, preventing water evaporation, chemical loss and to keep debris out of the pool. Traditionally a Solar Blanket and a Winter Debris Cover are used to do this. Both covers require them to be put on and off the pool manually, which can be a cumbersome and difficult task, and requires two people on larger size pools.
With an Aquamatic swimming pool safety cover all you need is one cover and the turn of a key! Safety must be of paramount importance when considering purchasing or inheriting a swimming pool, especially where children (and pets) are concerned. Purchasing an Aquamatic Safety Cover will alleviate all these concerns knowing that once the pool is covered nothing can enter the pool unless you turn the key.

If you would like more information or would like to purchase, please email us at this address;

Merlin Mesh Pool Safety Covers

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