Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pool Protection and Elegance with Pool Liners

Isn’t it relaxing and fun when you splash into an attractive and elegant-looking pool? The appearance of the pool adds up to the excitement felt by the swimmers. And pool elegance cab be achieved by installing stylish and elegantly-designed pool liners.

pool liner

But did you know that aside from adding style in your pool, pool liners also protects your pool from damages over the years? Upon the construction of the pool, pool liners are also installed in it to protect the pool bottoms from scratches, breaks and other factors that can ruin its good condition and appearance.

How to install pool liners?

1.    Drain the water and remove the old pool liner

The first step in pool liner installation if the draining of water. Of course it would be very difficult if you install the liner with the water in the pool. So the best thing to do is to drain the water then remove the old pool liner afterwards.

pool liner2

2.    Clean the pool walls and bottoms

Dirt and debris might have accumulated in the pool walls and bottoms and it is necessary to eliminate all of these solid particles. You can brush them off with commercial soap and vacuum them for more effective cleaning.

3.    Put and align the liner in the pool

Secure the gaskets on the pool fittings before placing the liner box at the shallow part of the pool. Pull the liner toward the deep end while aligning the deep end corners. Then align the center portion of the liner.

pool liner3

4.    Fill the pool

The final step is to fill the pool with water carefully without destroying the installation of the pool liner. When the water reached the desired level you can now enjoy pool bathing in your stylish, elegant and well-protected pool.
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