Thursday, March 22, 2012

Locating a Swimming Pool Leak

Locating a Swimming Pool Leak

Professional Swimming Pools have years
of experience in locating and fixing leaks to swimming pools. It is important
that the correct approach is taken in finding the problem as leaks can be caused
by faulty plant and do not need expensive excavation to repair them.
Professional Swimming Pools have
specialised test equipment that allows us to pressure test pipe work and if
found to be leaking to pin point the problem to allow for a spot repair to be
Whether your pool is newly built or 30
years old, Professional Swimming Pools can locate leaks and repair or replace
the faulty pipe work causing the problems. A leaking pool not only uses water,
but affects chemicals and also needs to be heated more often to maintain the
pool temperature.
Old valves can let by or let air into
the pool system which could cause water to drain from the pool and give the
appearance that you have a leak. Leak detection is a specialized task that needs
detailed knowledge and test equipment. Our engineers cover the majority of
Central London and parts of Kent, Surrey and Essex. For one of our consultants
to visit your property and discuss the issues you have with your swimming pool
and suggest tests that you can do yourself will cost £150.00
per visit.
For one of teams to attend site and
undertake testing of the pool and its associated pipe work will cost
per visit which allows up to 4 hours on site. Please visit our
PSP Testimonials page to see what our
customers are saying about Leak detection and other PSP Services.

Water can also be lost from your swimming pool by
Cracks in the
swimming pool shell
Split swimming pool
Pumped out through
damaged pipe work
Siphoned through
pipe work
Removed by bathers

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