Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Steam room for swimming pools

Steam Room

A steam room is, obviously, a room full of steam. How is this different to a sauna? In a steam room the temperature is not as high as in a sauna but the humidity often reaches 100 per cent whilst in a sauna is kept very low.
Steam rooms come in various types, each one with it’s own features. There are smaller steam rooms where you can relax in a tiled chamber/room and enjoy the hot wet steam that oozes over you. In others, such as suites of steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools you can stay all day in warehouse-sized baths with lots of rooms and pools. You might have a massage whilst you are there, and why not try a bit of aromatherapy?
A steam room session should leave you feeling really relaxed, and your muscles and joints very soothed. Your skin is likely to feel and look really good. Completed with a swim, this experience will definitely make your day and it will probably help you to sleep better that night. Wouldn’t that be a great thing to have around your house?
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