Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Swimming pool designs


Swimming pool designs are very important. Designs will customize your backyard but not only that there are a lot of different material choices that will customize your pool also.  You could take the same design and use different materials and it would be a different pool over 100 times.  You have to first look at your yard, or your blank template/canvas.  If you have a small area of yard for a pool, to maximize that space you may want to consider a rectangular pool on your swimming pool designs to maximize swimming area.  If you have a large area, the sky’s could be the limits.  Some people may like a freeform/lagoon shape but some may like a gretain and more formal swimming pool design.  There is NO right or wrong way when choosing your swimming pool design.  As for me I enjoy the lagoon and the more formal rectangular swimming pool deigns.

Swimming pool designs, how should I chose???

I would meet with a swimming pool contractor and look through his/her portfolio. Pay attention to the details, shape, materials, etc.  Keep up with the ones you like/enjoy.  When you are finished looking at swimming pool designs or photos, ask yourself what do you like about them?  You could also research online, click swimming pool designs.  There are different tools on how you can look up swimming pool designs.  But do your homework!  With a gunite pool you are not limited to ANY design as long as you have the space!  If you really wanted a lagoon shape with an island, well go ahead.  Swimming pool designs on gunite pools are anything that could be imagined!

Here are some swimming pool designs and examples:

swimming pool designsswimming pool designsswimming pool designsswimming pool designs

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