Thursday, March 8, 2012

Planning swimming Pool

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Initial Questions and Thoughts When Planning a Swimming Pool Build

Our experienced representatives will be pleased to visit and offer advice to help with the planning of your pool, and we should be pleased to present a specification and price for your consideration.

Pool Activity
Is the swimming pool to be used by adults for serious swimming or diving, or is the pool to be used by children? 90% of bathers spend there time playing, standing or walking in the water.

Average family swimming pool is 32’ x 16’, but if it’s to be used for serious swimming then a longer swimming pool may be desirable, with perhaps a reduction in width.

A shallow end depth of 3’ will allow swimming by adults, 6’-6” is required for pool side diving, 7’-6” for deck level board and 10’ for springboard. If the swimming pool is to be used as a splash, fun pool then there is some merit in having a constant depth of say 4’.

Is the swimming pool going to be enclosed either immediately or at a later date?

If outdoor it should preferably face the sun and be sheltered from the wind and away from surrounding trees if possible. If close to the house it’s easier for supervision and can possibly utilise existing facilities for plant or changing rooms. Avoid Drains, overhead power lines and waterlogged ground.

Plan access for construction equipment.

Planning Consent
Planning permission is not normally required for outdoor swimming pools. The water authority should be notified.

We have listed this important factor last, as we believe you should plan for your ideal pool. We will be pleased to design and advise costings.

If the ideal swimming pool doesn’t fit into your budget then we can offer possible savings whilst retaining your primary desire.
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